This book exposes the darkness of the illicit sexual exploitation of children in Asia and takes the reader on a journey they'll never be able to forget.

Sal has been roaming the world trying to figure out just where he fits in, and who he truly is. He eventually finds himself in the heart of southeast Asia and is quickly drawn into the underground Muay Thai boxing rings in Bangkok, Thailand. There, while trying to find out who and what he's really made of, Sal is introduced to a very new and very real kind of evil.

With his superhuman abilities, he has been rising fast as a potential new champion, but when he meets a young girl who was forced as a child into sexual slavery he decides that it's up to him to save her. Under the pretense of accepting her as a gift, he begins trying to find the innocent child she still has buried deep inside. She responds slowly, but finally comes to love him as a father-figure and is thrilled when he makes efforts to purchase her from the pimp that owns her.

But pimps are criminals, and when Precious is stolen away and held for ransom, Sal will stop at nothing to get her back.

No matter what it costs him.