While out on a mission, Noah receives a call that tells them that something has gone wrong. Allison has been arrested, and there is an investigation going on into the recent admissions of Team Camelot. He is ordered to go to ground and stay off the radar until further notice. Sometimes, though, things are not what they seem. While locked up in a special prison designed for political inmates, Allison is informed that there is a conspiracy involving the highest levels of government that is designed to strip America of its sovereignty and its people of their rights. A small group of conspirators are working as double agents, trying to stop the tragedies that will be used to bring about their goals, one of which will cost the lives of thousands of American children. Allison is spirited away from the prison and sent secretly to Noah, where she gives him the orders he never thought he would receive: to assassinate American elected officials, including the President of the United States.